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The ancient art of massage has been around for centuries. Thousands of years ago, Chinese and Japanese medicine men used massage as a method for relieving tension, as did Greek and Roman physicians. There is even evidence that Egypt's legendary King Tut may have indulged in massage, as did Mary Queen of Scots and Britain's Queen Victoria.

Today massage therapy is alive and well. From shiatsu, to deep tissue and sports massages, touch therapy is a popular and healthy way to relax and promote an overall sense of well-being. Studies have shown that massage is a valuable tool that helps reduce blood pressure, relax sore muscles, and alleviate stress, arthritis, backaches and even headaches. More and more, doctors are recommending massage to their patients as a safe, preventative healing method that complements traditional medical treatment.

A Massage Can Have Positive Effects On:
  • Relieving muscle tension and boosting the flow of oxygen in the body
  • Increasing the flow of blood and rejuvenating red and white blood cells
  • Fighting disease and aiding in digestion
  • Alleviating tension in the diaphragm, thereby assisting in breathing
  • Achieving proper bone and connective tissue alignment that improves posture
  • Calming nerves and providing complete relaxation
  • Increase flexibility and promotes overall healing

Yet, more than 20 percent of Americans say they have not indulged in a massage recently because they can't seem to find the time. As a result, many companies are now touting massage as an on-the-job perk designed to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism among employees. It's a relatively small price to pay and several Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller businesses have reaped the benefits of providing employees with massage therapy, ultimately boosting morale and decreasing stress.

Whether you're an avid athlete, a high-powered corporate executive, or a stay-at-home parent, a therapeutic massage is a gift to yourself that does your body and mind good.

What is Chair Massage?

  • Chair massage is a type of massage in which the client sits in a specially designed chair while the session is being performed.
  • Chair massage is a great introduction for individuals who have never received massage
  • The chair positions the client in such a way that allows them to release stress
  • The chair allows the therapist to access areas of common tension
  • The chair is portable and does not require much space to set up
  • The chair adjusts to fit all sizes of clients

The difference between chair massage and table massage is:

  • Sessions are performed fully clothed
  • No oil or lotion is used
  • Sessions range from 15 to 45 minutes
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
My work hours prevent me from scheduling appointments during the week. Do you provide massages outside your Buckhead studio?
Yes. GlobalBodyWorks professionals are available by appointment at your home or office. Our massage therapists work seven days a week. Corporate visits are available daily from 6 am until 4 am. Individual client hours are 8 am until 8 pm.
I've never had a massage before. How do I know what type is right for me?
Our massage therapists will work with you personally to help you determine which type of massage suits your individual needs. Whether it's a deep tissue massage for extreme muscle tension, or a sports massage to relieve an injury, our trained specialists are always available to offer you their expert advice on what method of massage can provide the most complete benefit for you.
I recently had back surgery and my doctor has recommended follow-up care that includes regular massage therapy? However, I'm worried that the massage might contribute to further injury?
Our massage therapists are all fully trained in the latest techniques in the industry. A massage tailored to your specific problem areas will be designed to relieve pain associated with that region and reduce the possibility of further injury to the area. GlobalBodyWorks is also fully insured for your protection.
I'm a very private person. The reason I have never had a massage is because I am not comfortable removing my clothes during the service. Is this necessary?
A chair massage would be perfect for you. These particular massages are performed with clients fully clothed, seated upright in a chair that allows the therapist to target specific areas of tension such as the back and neck. Table massages that focus on specific areas such as the legs, neck, arms, and feet may also be performed even if a client is wearing clothes.
Is there anything specific I need to do as follow-up after my massage to maintain its benefits?
Because a massage helps flush excess toxins out of the body, it is always a good idea to replenish your system with lots of water in the hours following the treatment. You can expect the effects of a good massage to benefit you for at least one week following the service. And at GlobalBodyWorks, our client relationships don't end when a massage session is over. We make every effort to make sure you were more than satisfied with the treatment you received and that you walked away feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and healthy.
Can I buy a massage gift certificate for a friend?
Of course! Gift certificates are available for any service or package of services.
How do I get to your Buckhead Studio and are appointments necessary?
Yes, appointments are required for all services. Click Here for driving directions to the Buckhead Studio.
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